2018 AAPN Carolina Mill Tour – Photo Album Online Now


We are delighted to share the photo album compiled during our five-day AAPN Carolina Mill Tour which more than 20 of us experienced just a few weeks ago.

In all, our lively group consisted of 23 managers and staff from 9 brands and retailers along with us two – Mike and Sue – on staff,  journalist Devin Steele and our own Ed Gribbin.

We are creating a certificate for those who joined us which will read, in part, “With 22 others from 8 other companies who went to 2 hotels, 1 bus, 5 factories, 2 states, 5 restaurants, 4 breakfasts, 1 tent and 1 fire pit in April 2018“.

Beyond a doubt, this was one of the toughest yet truest things we have ever done. We will do more of it and it will be better every time. Still, we could not have wished for a better, smarter, nicer group than those you will see by clicking here now


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