2018 AAPN Industry Leadership Award Winners


Here they are – our 2018 AAPN Industry Leadership award winners!

Ron Roach has been with Contempora Fabrics since 1985 and president since 2012. It was Ron’s idea to create the AAPN Carolinas’ Mill Tour as a way to educate his customers and prospects about the US textile supply chain. In April 2018, a group of 23 people from 9 brands and retailers toured 5 producers in North and South Carolina. This was a breakthrough way to bring together a total of 17 AAPN members and truly do skill transfer within the network. Ron also serves on the AAPN Board of Directors

Don Hire has been with the logistics company Crowley Maritime since 1983 and is their Director, Business Development. Don served 6 years on AAPN’s Board of Directors and was one of those links in the chain who knows more than people expect. In Don’s case, his knowledge of textiles has been built of decades of shipping yarn one way and textiles another in a linked supply chain of AAPN members, including cut/sew factories and brands. Don has made logistics the new marketing.

Barbara Zeins is President at Gerson and Gerson in New York City, joining them in 1990. She has served on the AAPN Board of Directors for years. She has spoken to our membership numerous times. Several times it was a highly detailed Full Value Costing method that actually justified the sometimes higher costs of apparel sourced in the Americas. Her talk called 9 Big Fat Garment Lies (1 – all factories are the same; 2 – it costs nothing to set up a new factory) were landmark presentations. Barbara has shown what the chain actually costs/saves and the value of each link in it. And we loved it so much we turned it into an infographic last year:


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