AAPN awarded the AAPN INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP AWARD to 6 members at the 2019 AAPN pro:Americas Annual Conference, plus one at our Charlotte Regional Conference. This award recognizes those members who give back to the network. This year's recipients are:

DAVID HA, owner, TexOps apparel factory, El Salvador. David is our network's strongest cheerleader. He goes to every event and makes an effort to speak up. He went with us on delegations to Sri Lanka and also to Asia. In addition, he was one of the driving forces behind our 2018 summit in Honduras.

WILLIAM YIDI, Finotex. William has always gone above and beyond for AAPN, producing give-aways for our meetings and hosting tours. The tour of his operation was one of the highlights of our 2018 Honduras summit. He is one of the kindest and most giving members of AAPN.

JEANNAMARIE COX, independent, industry veteran. Jeannamarie has done numerous projects for the AAPN, especially creating the AAPN Member Plaque. She has gone to our Leadership Forums and served as a sounding board for new projects here. She is a veteran of a number of brands and a consultant to several of our members.

SUSAN GANZ, CEO, Lion Brothers. Suzy was on this year's agenda. She has been a strong financial supporter of the AAPN, funding our first of many Sourcing Executive Roundtables in Miami in the early 2000's. She has served as a mentor to Mike Todaro and remains one of the engineers of our current success.

DEVIN STEELE, eTextileCommunications. Devin has served as our traveling photographer and journalist of both of our Carolina Mill Tours and other events. He is a brilliant and tireless writer about our industry and has highlighted so many of our members.

SANDY BRINK, Advanced Manufacturing Group. Sandy and her recently deceased husband PETER BRINK have come to virtually all of our meetings. Peter hosted a special roundtable on how to better interact with retailers in Miami several years ago.

TOM GLASER, President, VF Supply Chain. Tom has frequently time out of his slammed calendar to help us. Most recently Tom anchored the Charlotte Regional Conference, as seen above. His talk to so many young people who seldom get sent to industry events had a powerful and lasting impact.


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