4 Things That Make a Career Worth It


These are useful guidelines to a life fulfilled. Over my desk, I keep the short list of 3 words that drive me – MAP – Mastery; Autonomy; Purpose. Hey, whatever works, seek self-actualization because when you find it, it’s no longer work.

4 Things That Make a Career Worth It
When you look back over your career, how will you know if you chose the right path–and if it was all worth it?

· Making a difference. We talk a lot about employee engagement and what motivates people, but one thing I can tell you for sure: everyone was there to make a difference. We got to do great things.

· The relationships. High-stakes, high-visibility competitive battles on a global scale really bring out the best–and the worst–in people. Besides just getting to know and learn from all those incredibly talented people, besides sharing the experience with them, the relationships are a gift that keeps on giving.

· The ride itself. Stories with insightful lessons and stories that make people laugh out loud. It’s all pretty great.

· The journey of self-discovery. I always tell people to take big risks and challenge themselves early in their careers. Later on, you can take a break–and tell all your stories.


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