50 Big Ideas for 2018 + 1 Huge One


Year end lists are everywhere right now, but the 50 Big Ideas for 2018 from Linkedin Managing Editor Chip Cutter and Linkedin News Editor Laura Lorenzetti Soper is a particularly good read.

But before you dive into it, allow us to add one additional ‘Big Idea‘. The AAPN will set a new industry record for its range and number of events – Annual Conference; Leadership Forum; four Regional Conferences; its first ever private Conference for a corporation; delegation to Hong Kong; Regional Summit in Honduras; Textile Tour of the Carolinas; not to mention moderating two panels at MAGIC in Feb. The industry asks for meetings and our 200 members wait to be told where………

Now, onto that list..

The 50 big ideas for 2018

Chip Cutter
By Chip Cutter and Laura Lorenzetti Soper

If 2017 left you breathless, exhausted by unexpected headlines, then brace yourself. The coming year may bring even more turbulent change, according to the CEOs, academics, economists and other bold thinkers we consulted for our annual peek at the year ahead.

1. You’ll take your first-ever digital detox.

Get ready to hide your phone and immerse in a few tech-free hours (or days). “We’re at an inflection point,” says Arianna Huffington, CEO of Thrive Global, adding that tech’s addictive grip on our lives will move from the fringes to the center of conversation. Bosses will start banning devices from meetings, as will restaurants during meals, predicts GE Vice Chair Beth Comstock. She calls distraction-free time the “new ultimate luxury.” Read More


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