AAPN Board of Directors Spans the Entire Supply Chain


Check out the image. As you scan this core of industry leaders, you see people from retail; brands; factories; mills; spinners; trim; compliance; consulting; and services. The AAPN Board reflects the network's membership by spanning every link in the apparel supply chain "from the dirt to the shirt".

Yesterday, we sent the image to those shown for their review. One of them, a company president, wrote back saying, "I am prouder every day to be part of this exquisite, dedicated, thoughtful and cohesive group".

How do you become a part of this leadership of professionals? You join. You attend. You share. As the saying goes, "80% of success in life comes from just showing up". You show up.

Note also, in the photo at the upper right, of our AAPN (Women)'s meeting at our Annual Conference last year, five of the women in the front row are on our Board. Also shown in the front row center, with a refreshment in her hand, is AAPN Executive Director Sue C. Strickland, who has run this organization since January 1990.