AAPN Joins Lectra Program for U of Georgia Fashion Merchandising Faculty


However long any of us are in the business we should always look for opportunities to learn new things or more about the evolution of familiar concepts. Sue and I got the chance to do that this week and we're very grateful.

We were excited this past Tuesday, September 17, to join AAPN Board Member Daniella Ambrogi, VP Marketing for AAPN member Lectra for a special tour she arranged for the Dean and senior faculty of The University of Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences, Fashion Merchandising – https://www.fcs.uga.edu/tmi/undergraduate-fashion-merchandising

Their Fashion Merchandising study offers a wide variety of career opportunities with retailers, manufacturers, marketing research firms and product information services.

Their students travel the world, start their own businesses and make positive impacts on their companies and communities. The Fashion Brand Management (FBM) emphasis provides expertise in both the creative and analytical aspects of the fashion business. With specialized courses in FBM curriculum, students will learn the knowledge and skills necessary in fashion business management. The Product Development and Design emphasis takes creative students and gives them the tools to succeed in apparel and textile careers. 

We were given several hours of overview on made-to-order and especially on single ply cutting innovations. We learned a lot – both about the subject matter and this very innovative program and want to thank Daniella and Lectra for giving us the opportunity to do so!