AAPN Member American & Efird Release 2017-2018 Corporate Sustainability Report


AAPN member American & Efird (A&E), one of the world’s foremost manufacturers and distributors of industrial and consumer sewing thread, embroidery thread and technical textiles, released its 2017-2018 Corporate Sustainability Report, just in time for Earth Day. The report’s theme of Ethical Thread emphasizes the company’s unwavering commitment to its industry-leading sustainability program and shares its goals and accomplishments over the past year.

Highlighting areas of safety, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility in its annual report, A&E spotlights its continued progress and improvements in global water recycling and reuse, Zero-Waste-to-Landfill efforts, and reduction in carbon footprint among others. We were fortunate enough to see much of this ‘in action’ a few weeks ago during our AAPN Carolina Mill Tour.
Some of the impressive highlights in the report include:
Water Conservation
  • Over 1.5 billion liters of wastewater has been recycled and reused since 2013. This amount of water would be enough to supply 75 million people with water for one day at 20 liters per person.
  • 48% reduction in global water consumption (liters per kg of thread) since 2006.
Solid Waste
  • Zero-Waste-to-Landfill status has grown to 16 global manufacturing operations and support facilities in 2017, with 5 other operations over the 91 percentile mark. A&E’s global goal is to achieve this sustainability designation in every manufacturing operation worldwide.
Carbon Footprint and Energy Conservation*
  • 11% reduction of global carbon footprint (CO2e in kg per kg of thread) since 2006.
  • 7% reduction in global power consumption (kwh per kg of thread) since 2006.

You can read the whole report here.


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