AAPN Member American Woolen Mills Goes Vertical All the Way to a Brand


Click here to read this fascinating TextileWorld article on a Made in USA growth story: http://www.textileworld.com/textile-world/2018/05/going-vertical/

Here are several quotes in the article from long time AAPN member and friend President and COO Jennifer Knight of American Woolen Mills (established in 1899) about their new Made in USA verticalization: “It’s actually not so much the heritage, but the provenance, and it’s the expertise and craftsmanship. And that’s not all about looking at the past, it’s also about preserving the craft in the present and the future. We see ourselves as trying to be a true American luxury brand and the way we will do that is because we control the whole supply chain. …. Jacob said I’ve bought this trademark and now I want to back it into developing a supply chain, potentially owning our own means of production and ultimately want to launch a fashion brand and he said, ‘do you think I’m crazy?’ …. I think what we decided to do here was a little bit crazy, but in the greatest way. I think we’ve got a great opportunity to build a good, solid textile business, which will be in the suiting, outdoor and sportswear markets at the higher end. We’re going to do some government and military business too. But I think our ultimate opportunity is to build a true American luxury brand.”


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