AAPN Member American Woolen Supplying Fabric for New Army Uniform


AAPN members American Woolen are set to provide the fabrics that will be used to produce the Army’s new classic-looking military uniforms, reminiscent of those worn by soldiers and officers over a half-century ago. But that is not all they are doing to maintain the American wool tradition, as this great AP piece details.

STAFFORD SPRINGS, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut wool mill is providing high-quality fabric for the Army’s recently unveiled classic uniform and looking to help reinvigorate a once-prominent industry.

American Woolen Company Inc. is one of a handful of wool manufacturers left in the country, but with a recent military contract and by providing high-quality fabrics to fashion manufacturers like Timberland, The North Face and J. Crew, the company is looking to help bring back made-in-America products.

Jacob Harrison Long, the chief executive officer of the Stafford Springs-based company — and a former banker of 22 years who has worked around in cities like London, Frankfurt, Milan and Paris — said he thinks there is demand around the world for high-quality American-made products.

“I really believe there is craftsmanship coming back to America,” he said, adding that purchasing the mill is a “golden opportunity” for growth.

“This is one of America’s last mills … and the idea for us is to create something in Connecticut that can make ‘Made-in-Connecticut’ pretty powerful,” he said. Read More