AAPN member Cotswold Turns to Denim Pocket ‘Invertising’ to Shift Advertising Paradigm


The creativity and innovation of AAPN members really never does cease to amaze us. Case in point; a new initiative launched by AAPN members Cotswold and Cotton Inc.

As detailed in this Sourcing Journal article, the companies will be teaming up to create a new branding campaign with a rather unique twist. Personally, we can’t wait to see how ‘invertising’ works out, as it sounds like a truly different take on the branding concept that is so important to every company in today’s competitive business world.

AAPN member Cotswold Turns to Denim Pocket ‘Invertising’ to Shift Advertising Paradigm
SJ: March 9, 2018

Pocketing specialist Cotswold Industries is turning the apparel industry inside out.

A brainchild of chief executive officer James McKinnon, Cotswold is teaming with Cotton Incorporated on a pilot program with key accounts to create what he’s calling “Invertising–The Medium is Me.”

The concept essentially takes standard brand advertising and co-brands the pocketing of items like jeans with message-oriented marketing. The kickoff involves printing Cotton Inc.’s “Blue Jeans Go Green” campaign on the pocketing fabric Cotswold manufactures for brands.

“Since its early days, Cotton Incorporated has been a marketing innovator. The Invertising project with Cotswold is a current example,” Kim Kitchings, senior vice president of consumer marketing at Cotton Inc., said. “Blue Jean aficionados know that the best way to care for jeans is turn them inside out before laundering. The Invertising project leverages that knowledge as an opportunity to promote our denim recycling program with every wash load.”

McKinnon said the idea was born out of the concept of native advertising and the desire to bring advertising to apparel in a new way. Read More




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