AAPN Member Finotex Launches a New Heat Transfer Technique Called Spot Gloss


AAPN member Finotex has just announced the launch of an innovative new heat transfer technique they are calling Spot Gloss.

According to Carlos Vidi, who is the company’s VP of Supply Chain, “We are in constant development of new solutions for our customers and in a world where heat transfers
are in full demand, our focus this year has been to develop more ideas within that product line. Thislightweight technique is a beautiful combination of gloss and matte inks with a very soft finish. We believe they’re ideal as embellishments on garments and a great option for printing security patterns. The Spot Gloss Heat Transfers have a tone on tone effect and an ability to match any Pantone® color.

Sounds interesting doesn’t it? You can learn lots more about it – and Finotex themselves – here, so why not take a moment to do so?


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