AAPN Member Fruit of the Loom Recently Joined the Cotton LEADS Program


Just yesterday we published a piece highlighting sustainable fashion. Another player very much at the forefront of sustainability in the apparel industry is AAPN member Cotton Incorporated.

The Cotton LEADS program was jointly initiated by the Australian and United States cotton industries and Cotton Incorporated is one of the founding companies. Cotton producers and industry organizations in both countries pioneered the investments, practices and national infrastructures necessary to put cotton production on the path to continual – sustainable – improvement.

Now it’s been announced that another AAPN member, Fruit of the Loom, has joined the Cotton Leads Program, expanding its influence even further. And Fruit of the Loom made this great video to explain just what Cotton Leads and the concepts behind it mean to their company.

AAPN members, innovation leaders as always, love it!


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