AAPN Member Haggar Clothing Company Dress the 2018 Hoops Hall of Famers in Iconic Style


When basketball legends take their places in the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame one of the honors bestowed on them is the orange jacket that denotes their HOF status.

Those iconic orange jackets are beautifully crafted by AAPN member Haggar Clothing and this past weekend these great garments were donned by all of the following hoops legends. And is you can see from all the photographs, orange suited them all!

Ray AllenPlayer
Maurice CheeksPlayer
Charles “Lefty” DriesellCoach
Grant HillPlayer
Jason KiddPlayer
Steve NashPlayer
Tina ThompsonPlayer
Dino RadjaPlayer
Charlie ScottPlayer
Ora Mae WashingtonPlayer
Rod ThornContributor
Rick WeltsContributor
Katie Smith, Player



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