AAPN Member Patagonia is #6 on FastCompanies 50 Most Innovative Companies List


In 2013, when Randy Harward (see photo) was still with Patagonia, Sue and I got the grand tour. The building shown is the original shed where Yves Chouinard manufactured iron mountain climbing devices.

We saw things being made we could not believe and that other rarely see – one off’s, military mission gear, specialized surfing ‘systems’ and much more. Randy had essemtially raised how two sons while at work as many small children came to work for years and had their own area for play and rest. It was both the most laid back and most focused place I’d ever toured. To this day, I still have every piece of Patagonia gear I ever bought. It is, as we say, ‘bullet proof’ in that it does not wear out.

It is so cool to see one of our members is in the top 10 of FastCompany’s list of the 50 most innovative companies AND that AAPN member Walmart is #15 !!

Check out this fantastic FastCompany article about Patagonia today and CEO Rose Marcario

How Patagonia Grows Every Time It Amplifies Its Social Mission

CEO Rose Marcario, who leads the apparel player, a 2018 World’s Most Innovative Company, has catalyzed the shifting political tides to Patagonia’s benefit.

Rose Marcario struggled to sleep. It was November 9, 2016, just hours after Donald Trump had been elected president, and the CEO of Patagonia was worried about how his White House ascent might disrupt not only her company’s business but the planet’s future. Read More



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