AAPN Member American & Efird to Develop Anti-Counterfeiting Sewing Threads


AAPN members continue to do amazing things..

AAPN members American & Efird have announced a collaborative agreement with Applied DNA Sciences to develop a sewing thread making use of cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting technology.

The thread will make use of both SigNature®T DNA and Beacon® technology and should provide a powerful weapon against counterfeiting, something that continues to be a huge problem throughout the apparel industry.

“The CertainT Program is an innovative solution for brands and retailers in their supply chain. A&E and Applied DNA Sciences together are creating new security applications for sewing thread benefitting from revolutionary SigNature®T DNA and Beacon® technology. Our customers are increasingly more vigilant and security minded. DNA technology can protect a wide range of products, from luxury consumer brands to industrial applications where the integrity of components is mission critical.” Les Miller, CEO, A&E, stated: “We are excited to be collaborating with Applied DNA Sciences and developing cutting-edge technology solutions for our customers.”

Here at AAPN, we want to congratulate A & E on their innovation and look forward to watching how this exciting project develops.


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