AAPN Members Patagonia and REI Spearhead the Recommerce Market Boom


Before I get to sharing what is a fascinating article from Fortune I read today about the rise of the resale market in apparel, I want to mention another, as it covers the efforts of two AAPN members – Patagonia and REI – who have been working with their own ‘recommerce’ provider Yerdle for some time, and make the concept a large part of their brands.

In fact, Patagonia will allow a customer’s jacket to be exchanged in store for a gift card, and Patagonia reclaims gently used goods that were already designed to last and are then passed on.

So here’s that article, from WWW, please take a few moments to read it and then head back and read the Forbes piece, which I’ll be making my next post.

The Re-commerce Secret Used by Patagonia and Eileen Fisher

California-based Yerdle is the technology and logistics start-up powering re-commerce for Eileen Fisher, Patagonia and Rei.

By Kaley Roshitsh on March 18, 2019

Third time’s a charm. If Yerdle, the re-commerce logistics platform working directly with brands such as Patagonia to resell its goods, does its job well — then the customer won’t notice it at all.

California-based start-up Yerdle is working to help brands “own their own resale market,” challenging marketplace competitors such as eBay and The Real Real.

Using bespoke technology, Yerdle runs the branded resale e-commerce sites — aptly named re-commerce — and powers the warehouse logistics: including pricing, order quantities and merchandising assortments for Patagonia, Eileen Fisher and Rei. Read More


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