AAPN Opens the Online SOURCING CENTER to Non-Members


NOTE TO AAPN MEMBERS and their non-member colleagues:

In response to the coronavirus, and the willingness of our members to divert production to make medical sewn products, we asked our Board of Directors to approve us offering our SOURCING CENTER to other industry associations. The associations who have responded include NAUMD (uniforms), IFAI (fabric), SPESA (equipment), SEAMS (regional), AAFA (lobby), and more.

As a result, you are seeing many people interact on our website who are unfamiliar with the AAPN. It doesn't matter. What counts right now is getting to work supplying the medical professionals on the front lines with what they need to save our lives. That we have a network activated to bring these resources together is unique, and so we offer it to the 'industry'.

Understanding who has logged onto the center and what they offer was a challenge until Ed Gribbin (ed@gribbinstrategic.com), CEO of Gribbin Strategic, offered to create a spreadsheet detailing who offered what. We have posted this spreadsheet in the SOURCING CENTER.  

In addition to being our current president, Ed has spent his career with a Who's Who of the fashion, apparel, brand and retail C-Suites. He's a big picture guy now sequestered like all of us. Having him as a resource to this entire industry right now, in this way, is a blessing. 

Carry on everyone…into the breech!