AAPN seminar at MAGIC


First my apologies for being ‘off the air’. This is our 8th day on the road and our 3rd hotel. I’ll work on a summary of our wonderful LA Regional Conference as there is much to summarize. What is easier is telling you that our panel at MAGIC on Monday CONNECTING YOUR SOURCING DOTS IN THE AMERICAS was terrific.

It is hard to go wrong with our president Tony Anzovino of Haggar and former president Rick Horwitch of Bureau Veritas on the panel. A pleasant surprise was to learn that our 3rd panelist, Lloyd Parks, president of DOMINANCE APPAREL is one of us, one of the good guys who runs things and does it right from the start.

As usual, we did not rehearse or even prepare, the logic being you do not have to memorize the truth. We had great questions afterwards and valuable interaction between our panelists. I am sure everyone left having learned something they could use and had a better understanding of our network.


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