AAPN-W, the new AAPN Women-Only Network


From three different AAPN events this year – the Carolina Tour; our Annual Conference; and the New York Regional – we’ve seen industry women in action, LOTS of them. In fact, of the nearly 800 people registered in our database membership list, over 200 of them are women.

When we all saw the amazing talk in New York by Hebe Schecter, a Latin woman running the multi-million dollar massive enterprise Kaltex in Mexico, for many women that was their tipping point – they want an industry women-only forum and so we’re creating one, AAPN-W.

On 11 September, the evening before the Sep 12 Dallas Regional Conference, AAPN is hosting a women-only dinner and forum at the Dallas Omni Hotel Park West. Women can register to attend here – AAPN-W Reception & Dinner in Dallas

The ACTION is that you have to take is to think about those women in your organization who want to give back and learn from this amazing industry resource. You have to send them to this inaugural event, then on the next day allow them to register and attend the Dallas Regional, which they can do here – 2018 pro:Americas Regional Conference

AAPN’s entire history has been built on actions and programs no-one else in the industry was doing. This our latest innovation and it is tremendously exciting.



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