AAPN Weekly News Roundup 4/26/19


With the 2019 pro:Americas Annual Conference in Miami almost upon us (will we be seeing you there?) it’s been a busy, busy week here at AAPN.

Besides making the final arrangements for the Miami conference we have also been going through the great feedback we’ve been receiving on the Carolina Mill Tour V2. If we thought the first one was great (and it was) this time around was even better.

We also welcomed two new members to the AAPN – Allbirds and Gemini Brothers – both of whom bring great things to the table. As do AAPN member A&E who released a sustainability report this week that makes for fascinating reading.

As we sign off for the weekend, don’t forget, the AAPN conversation continues in the social media world. Join us on FacebookLinkedIn or Twitter and chime in!


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