AAPN Weekly Roundup 10/26/18


As we head off into another weekend we thought we’d take a look back at what has been another busy week here at AAPN.

In addition to continuing to prepare for the upcoming Apparel Summit of the Americas (which is getting closer and closer) we took time out to rewatch AAPN members Ed Gribbin and Inspectorio Cofounder, Fernando Moncayo Castillo discuss supply chain innovation, congratulate Fernando and his team as they were named one of the NRF’s “19 Innovative Companies Reshaping The Shopping Experience” and Mike took a look at the many ways AI is changing business, including our own industry.

And as we sign off for the weekend, don’t forget, the AAPN conversation continues in the social media world. Join us on FacebookLinkedIn or Twitter and chime in!



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