AAPN Weekly Roundup 10/5/18


Another week is over here at the AAPN office and now we’re headed off into the weekend.

Here on the blog, we took a look at the continued decline of retail giant Sears, Mike took a deep dive into the reality behind tariffs and US jobs, we showcased the work AAPN member PVH is doing with its Calvin Klein brand and Amazon Fashion, and the findings of a survey commissioned by AAPN member Alvanon that has uncovered a serious problem in the US fashion industry. Mike even found a very sage infographic that everyone with a boss should probably share with them!

We also kept working hard on the arrangements for the for the Apparel Summit of the Americas, which is now closer than you think – November 27-29 2018 under two months away now – and do want to close today reminding you that if haven’t registered yet now is the time to do so!

As we sign off for the weekend, don’t forget, the AAPN conversation continues in the social media world. Join us on FacebookLinkedIn or Twitter and chime in!


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