AAPN Weekly Roundup 11/2/18


It’s the end of another busy week at AAPN, and soon we’ll be heading off into the weekend for a little rest (a little extra rest actually, don’t forget to set those clocks back this weekend!)

The Apparel Summit of the Americas, set for November 27 – 29 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras is drawing ever closer and this week actually saw Mike head over there to continue the final preparations for what we know is going to be an amazing few days later this month.

That didn’t stop him from sharing his editorials though, taking a look at the importance of brands taking a stand, the issue of shareholders vs workforce in our (and other) industry and the rise of the yoga pant in the US. We also shared the news that AAPN member Alvanon has launched an innovative new education platform that we encourage you to check out.

And as we sign off for the weekend, don’t forget, the AAPN conversation continues in the social media world. Join us on FacebookLinkedIn or Twitter and chime in!


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