AAPN Weekly Roundup – 2/23/18


We’ve come to the end of another busy week for AAPN, so what better time to take a quick look back at what’s been going on, in case you missed any of it.

We are happy to announce that two impressive and very innovative companies decided to join AAPN this week. Grupo SG and Tegra Global. Check out the announcements here and here to learn more about them.

To begin the week, Mike offered a great round up of the goings on at our Los Angeles Conference. The event was a huge success – thanks to our speakers and our members – and the world-class member created apparel we were able to display at FIDM served as a great example of just what our diverse AAPN membership can do.

Speaking of conferences, we had two particular upcoming events on our minds this week. The Apparel Summit of the Americas in San Pedro Sula, Honduras is coming up in November and promises to be a must-attend event for the entire apparel supply chain….from fiber to store. The FOROTEX 2018 event, to be held on September 5-6 2018 is another great conference we suggest you add to your calendars now.

In addition to all of this Mike offered his usual sage commentary and observations which, if you missed them, are definitely worth a few minutes of your time right now.

So that was our week, how was yours? Join us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, we’d love to hear all about it.


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