AAPN Weekly Roundup 4/13/18


What an amazing week! For most of it, we were out in the beautiful Carolinas, on the AAPN Carolina Mill Tour. And as Mike reflected, one of our most ambitious event projects to date turned out to be one of our most enlightening and successful. We’ll have a full report coming soon!

In other news, we marveled at the innovation of the Flint Fit project and the amazing role AAPN member Unifi played in it, took a look at how some of retail’s ‘old guard‘ are adapting to the challenges of 2018 and weighed into the discussion about Amazon and Alibaba. Which of these retail giants will grow fastest, and why?

Once again we’d like to thank everyone who joined us for the mill tour and are now turning our focus to the final prep for the 2018 pro: Americas Annual Conference in Miami, which is now just a few weeks away. Have you registered yet?

And speaking of you, how was your week? We’d love to hear. Join us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and let us know!


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