AAPN Weekly Roundup 4/20/18


The end of another week..

We’re still receiving great feedback about our AAPN Carolina Mill Tour – including a great two-part report from Ed Gribbin, formerly of Alvanon and now head of his own Gribbin Strategic LLC. We invited Ed along because we needed validation that we were creating value and covering all of the bases. We’re delighted that he thought we did.

In other news, this week two AAPN members – Unifi and Haggar – were highlighted in the media thanks to their ongoing commitment to the environment (very appropriate with Earth Day coming up) and their collaboration in creating Haggar’s latest (amazing) pants line.

Mike’s been busy this week too – but still found time to reflect on the Mill Tour here – and we were able to congratulate Unifi on their agreement to acquire the dyed yarn business and assets of National Spinning Co., Inc, a move that will continue to fuel the innovation and excitement in the Carolinas textile industry.

That was our week, how was yours? Join us on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter and let us know.


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