AAPN Weekly Roundup 6/22/18


Friday’s here!

How’s your week been?

Here in Atlanta, we’ve had our noses to the grindstone, catching up after our trip to the top of the Empire State Building for the AAPN Regional Conference in New York, which went wonderfully well. Thanks to everyone who joined us for what was a highly informative and productive day!

Busy as we were we took the time to delight in the fact that AAPN member Keer America are expanding their presence in the Carolinas, took a look at the battle in China between Alibaba and Tencent (interesting stuff) and a look back at the inception of the concept of Quick Response in the US. Mike also took time out to reflect on the importance of meaningful networks and how AAPN fits into THAT concept.

So, that was the week at AAPN, how was yours? Join us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and let us know, we’d love to hear all about it.


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