Alibaba vs. Amazon: Who Will Become Biggest Fastest?


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Alibaba vs. Amazon: Who Will Become Biggest Fastest?
APRIL 10, 2018 by Robin Lewis

Together, Alibaba and Amazon have about a $1.2 trillion market cap, ($483 billion for Alibaba and $720 billion for Amazon). Maybe they should unite. Not a chance for that to happen. The brilliant minds and egos of both Jack Ma and Jeff Bezos had the same global vision: Digitize Earth and everything on it. Ma’s original declaration, “Alibaba’s mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere.” Does that include outer space? Bezos said, “Our vision is to be Earth’s most customer-centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” His vision does include outer space.

Anyway, since they won’t be merging, which one is getting bigger faster? Bezos’ “day one” declaration (which is now declared every day) is that Amazon must “get big fast.”

According to a recent MKM Partners’ analysis, not only is Alibaba getting bigger faster, they predict Alibaba will be the first among its tech peers — Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Tencent — to reach the “Holy Grail” of a trillion-dollar market valuation.

Analyst Rob Sanderson says, “An argument can be made for each company achieving $1 trillion in market cap by 2020, with a case for Apple in 2019. (But) we think it’s most likely that it will be 2021 when the barrier is broken by an internet company, and we think BABA (Alibaba — including Taobao, its consumer to consumer marketplace, and Tmall, the business to consumer marketplace may have the best chance for 2020 despite being the smallest of the mega-caps today.” Read More


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