Allbirds Joins AAPN


We are extremely proud to announce Allbirds as our newest member. On a personal level, I have been a fan of them from their first introduction. My black merino wool Lounger shoes go with me on every flight.

Since that first pair, I have bought 3 more, all made of Lenzing fibers. It is my hope they expand into apparel and that YOU help them to do that with their strong brand image. Our contacts there are:

Justin Cleveland, Director of Materials Innovation
730 Montgomery St
San Francisco, CA 94111

Ahmad Zakaria, Head of Operations

Allbirds is a San Francisco-based direct-to-consumer startup aimed at designing environmentally friendly footwear.

Allbirds began with one product, the Wool Runner. In 2017, the company released a second shoe, the Lounger. The shoes are made from castor bean oil and superfine merino wool, with each strand 17.5 microns wide. This material allows the shoe to be machine washable.

In March 2018, working with AAPN member Lenzing, Allbirds began offering eucalyptus tree runners, making it the company's first footwear product made primarily without wool.

In November 2018, the Tree Topper was released, a high-top sneaker which combines the company's eucalyptus tree fiber, wool, and sugar cane footwear materials.

Please join us in welcoming Allbirds to the AAPN.


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