An Industry in Denial: Fashion’s Struggle with 3D


One of the biggest obstacles to success in this industry overall is a refusal to adopt and/or adapt to new technologies that show the potential to streamline processes. This recent piece from The Robin Report – featuring a quote from moi – by Ed Gribbin, president of AAPN member Alvanon, who help apparel companies worldwide align their internal teams and supply chain processes, implement the latest innovations and best practices – offers a great take on just one example.

An Industry in Denial: Fashion’s Struggle with 3D
FEBRUARY 28, 2018 by Ed Gribbin

I have spoken for years about the need for fashion brands and retailers to dramatically shorten the time it takes to go from product ideation and design onto the customer’s back. As Mike Todaro, executive director of the Americas Apparel Producers’ Network, pointed out at a recent AAPN meeting, “anyone between the designer and the customer today is in the way.”

With the combined pressures of a digitally empowered consumer and the likes of ASOS, Boohoo and Zara dominating in a marketplace increasingly driven by speed and price, traditional retail has no choice but to transform or die. Retailers must understand that speed matters as much as quality, value and brand if they are to compete successfully for our attention and our dollars. Read More


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