An Industry Paper …On Paper


Several years ago, I was in a meeting in El Salvador at TexOps between Juan Zighelboim and his Sensient reps. He thanked them for developing a neon yellow ink jet color that saved a major order. They replied, "we were able to do it in 4 months rather than the usual 9".

WHAT??, I enjoined. For INK? 9 MONTHS!

Subsequently Sensient invited me to Geneva, Switzerland where I watched labs full of white coated PhD's developing ink. As the ink got better, it was able to fire smaller dots at targeted pixels on rapidly passing paper. What I missed back then was the value of the …. PAPER.

We resolved that omission two weeks ago when I spent a day at AAPN member Coldenhove's operation in Eerbeek Holland. It was FASCINATING and it was actually pre-emptive. It is difficult to imagine any other paper producer originally founded in 1661 being as consistently innovative as Coldenhove is in this niche.

To document their unique marketing edge, I wrote this paper on …. paper. It has passed muster at Coldenhove and I invite you to read it because in our industry speed increasingly kills and the roll of paper in this acceleration is actually its entire base.



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