APPN Apparel Companies ‘Most Loved’ in Four States


We thank Lindsay Money, Sales Manager for Guilford Textiles for sending us the article that follows below.

One thing worth noting? The AAPN members on this fascinating list.

The favorite company in US four states has ties to AAPN:

  • Arkansas – AAPN member Walmart
    Michigan – Lear, the parent company of AAPN member Guilford Textiles
    North Carolina – AAPN member VF
    Oregon – Nike which is supplied by a large number of our members

The Most-Loved Companies in Every State

Sometimes a company is more than just a business. At times, a particular brand might start as a way to capture one particular corner of a business only to grow into something that represents the essence of a city, state or even a region. From the satisfied customers happy to have a name they can trust, to the employees working there for decades, some companies can just build a relationship with their surroundings that others never will.

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