AXIOS: An unsettling future for millions of American jobs


This is a classic example of an article we broadcast to all that will perhaps be of value to relatively few. Yet, when I read it and learned something I had now known before – and that may be the same for many of you – had to share.

An unsettling future for millions of American jobs, 12/19/2019

The U.S. economy is besting expectations for job growth, and the unemployment rate is at its lowest in several decades — but the other side of the story is that millions of jobs out there just aren't good enough.

Why it matters: Almost half of all American workers are stuck in low-wage jobs that often don't pay enough to support their lives, lack benefits and sit squarely inside the automation bullseye.

By the numbers:
There are 53 million U.S. workers — around 44% of the total workforce — who work in jobs with a median hourly wage of $10.22 and median yearly earnings of $18,000, according to a November Brookings study that examines low-wage work. Read More