Beyond Sustainable: The Growing Demand for Ethical Fashion


Sustainable fashion. Almost the complete opposite of the ‘fast fashion’ dominating the markets worldwide right now. A rather maligned concept by many just a few years ago, it’s now gaining real momentum, driven, in large part by the demands of the Millennials and their even younger counterparts, the Gen Z’ers.

And AAPN members are playing their part. Check a list of the 35 top sustainable fashion brands and you’ll find AAPN member Patagonia right there at the top!

In this great piece for the Robin Report, Judith Russell explores the rise of sustainable fashion in great depth. It’s well worth a read.

Beyond Sustainable: The Growing Demand for Ethical Fashion
RobinReport Apr 3, 2018

When Vogue Australia quietly hit the newsstands in its home country and abroad earlier this month, its theme, which as recently as three years ago would have raised eyebrows among serious fashion-watchers, caused nary a ripple of controversy. Entitled “Designing Our Future,” and guest edited by Emma Watson, the fashion bible’s most recent edition is completely sustainability-focused, with features on pioneers like Tim Flannery discussing the Great Barrier Reef and Stella McCartney touting sustainable style.

The issue comes at a pivotal time—2018 has already proven to be a year when silenced voices ring out…and it is only April. Cause-related fashion first hit the scene when McCartney launched her fur-free, leather-free business in the early 2000s. Although there were millions of skeptics at first, over the last 15 years ethical fashion – developing, producing and distributing apparel, accessories and footwear in a way that preserves the planet and its inhabitants – has become not only an integral part of the industry, but also a key strategic initiative of many big and small players. As the commercial advantage of brands investing in ethical fashion becomes increasingly evident, companies from Walmart to Gucci have evolved their missions to align with the shifting landscape. No longer just about being eco-friendly, over the coming months and years, we will see this trend accelerate and expand to include concern for human and animal rights, community, country, and more. Read More


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