CALL TO ACTION: Realtime Coronavirus -Impact Reporting


Here's a look at the latest from the frontlines – ie our members – in the 'fight' to maintain a semblance of normality in the face of COVID-19.

Lynne Sprugel of Academy Sports + Outdoors writes: "Now that we are seeing more activity here in the US, could the Network encourage members to give reports and cut and paste that information into a running diary by date and location?" Here is what we have to date – send us your input.

— Brands and retailers have mainly been focused on getting the China supply chains up and running again, whether factories or raw material vendors. As of Friday, depending on Chinese province, factories had approximately 60-95% labor returned. We will see best thought supply chain scenarios, to minimize original China delays, dwindle to a halt if US ports are not open or at a low put through capacity.

This, even more, will impact retailers and brands inventory. If US ports are not open, what happens to those ships and the ability for US retailers and brands to get the inventory to stock the Stores? What happens to domestic trucking?

— In the last 48 hours on the West Coast, we have had a dramatic increase in COVID-19 infections and deaths that have spread beyond the compromised assisted living centers, to several deaths in one VA hospital and now physicians. Libraries in Portland’s county system, and Beaverton’s, home to NIKE, Columbia Sportswear, INTEL campuses closed at 6pm Friday for remainder of the month. By this afternoon, Lululemon, NIKE, Patagonia have closed their HQ to employees, and all NA retail stores (Lululemon included Europe). I am expecting Columbia Sportswear, Adidas USA, Brooks Running, REI with large campuses will make the same decision overnight.

— Just wanted to share a quick perspective from here – a city where restaurants are shuttered, my kids are out of school for the next 6 weeks, there are no gatherings of over 250 people (churches closed, all sporting events canceled, etc), and I’m working from my home office because our workplace is 100% work from home.

— Stuck here. (My country) just enforced a travel ban. If I go, 21 day quarantine at an army barracks. Not gonna happen, staying here.

— This whole deal is FUBAR (shared from a military veteran)

— We are having to take our drivers temperature before letting them cross borders (in Central America) to make deliveries. There are mandatory health screenings at the border. If a driver has a temp that person will go into mandatory 21 or 30 day quarantine or turned back.

— One of our employees from El Sal was trying to return yesterday from the US and was on the Delta plane in ATL when they announced all passengers (only Salvadorans were allowed on the plane) would be required to quarantine at a military base for 21-30 days upon arrival. Many passengers (including our employee) immediately got off the plane.

— Tonight the Peruvian President declared the country in state of national emergency for the next 15 day since tomorrow Monday 16th which implies mandatory social isolation. The current Covid19 figures shows today afternoon 71 confirmed cases, mainly in Lima. All borders closed suspending all kind of international passenger transport. Cargo and merchandise not included.