CNBC: This new business from Amazon Represents a ‘$100 billion opportunity,’ Morgan Stanley Says


Last week, I broadcast a staggering list on companies owned by Amazon. It impacted many of us because at our Annual Conference in 2016, Kurt Cavano spoke for an hour about 20 investment Amazon had made that we needed to know the impact of NOW. Well, in three short years, Amazon has made dozens more investment, including the following article. 

I'm asking all of you to let us know if you know of a speaker or a resource who follows Amazon and can speak to their 'big picture' impact. Perhaps the time has come for us to understand the impact Amazon can make on apparel sourcing in this hemisphere by wrapping an agenda around the topic. Let me know at

This new business from Amazon represents a ‘$100 billion opportunity,’ Morgan Stanley says
CNBC, JUL 15 2019

Amazon is looking to expand its empire and Morgan Stanley believes Jeff Bezos’ ambitious satellite internet plan may become one of its most lucrative businesses.

Called Project Kuiper, Amazon aims to launch a network of 3,236 small satellites to create an interconnected network that beams high-speed internet to anywhere on Earth. While Amazon has yet to outline a timeline or cost for Project Kuiper, in a note on Monday to investors, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas highlighted the network’s potential.

Jonas said Project Kuiper represents as much as a ”$100 billion opportunity,” marking it as a play in the consumer broadband sector of the space economy. Morgan Stanley’s estimate is based on its expectation that the space economy will grow to more than $1 trillion over the next 20 years. The firm’s comments came in a feature on Bezos’ space business Blue Origin, the latest in Morgan Stanley’s series on “space disruptor” companies. Read More