Demographic Insights from Tommy Hilfiger


Looks like we're right to continue our focus on sustainability, social responsibility and especially in listening to Millennials – who will be the core of our over 80 people at our AAPN Dallas Regional Conference this coming Thursday!

FN: SEP 8, 2019
Tommy Hilfiger On the Magic of NYFW, Zendaya’s Major Appeal and What Millennials Want

Why is see-now, buy-now such a successful model? Why aren’t others doing it?
TH: “We believe millennials want immediate gratification. They don’t want to see something on the runway and wait six months to get it in the store or on our site when they’ve seen it on celebrities and on Instagram. They’re also seeing it in the magazines way in advance, so by the time it reaches the selling floor it’s like, ‘Been there, done that, what’s new?’ So, we’re giving them immediate gratification — the chance to wear it the next day.”

What does Gen Z want?
TH: “Sustainability, which we’re all over. We’ve done a whole jeans collection with all recycled denim. This consumer wants to know how it’s made, where it’s designed, who’s shipping it, who’s sewing it, and how you are treating the sheep who are sheered for wool. We love that transparency. We want to say, ‘We’re with you.’ We don’t want anything to be under the rug.” Read More