Devin Steele’s Excellent Summary of ITMA2019


From today's eTextileCommunications Weekly E-Newsletter broadcast by Devin Steele:

#ITMA19 is in the books – and one for the record books. Based on conversations I had while "roving," "spinning" and "bobbin" around nine halls in record time (average miles covered: 8.5 per day) at the show here in sweltering, sweat-filled Barcelona, many exhibitors left with more leads, sales and contacts than they expected. And I left with more content, business cards and new readers than I ever anticipated. A bonus: I saw more American visitors than I thought I would, which may be a sign of even better things to come for the U.S. textile industry.

Now, it's time to decompress and sort through the digital fodder of my recorder, computer and camera over the next few weeks to share highlights from what may very well be the best ITMA in its 68-year history. Of the five I've covered, it was tops for me. And it certainly was the largest in terms of exhibitors, and one of the best in terms of sustainable and eye-popping, "a-ha" moment-inducing technology. I tried to hit every booth on my list (and then some), but that was virtually impossible with 1,717 exhibitors and in absence of a month-long show. But it was good to see many of you. Stay tuned for more coverage of your awe-inspiring stories and innovations. Whew – I'm going to bed!

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