Fanatics: Redefining Speed and Agility


In 2016, when Jim Hardy was a VP at Under Armour, he was a keynote speaker at our annual conference. When he said, “my job is to find 300 new and innovative apparel and footwear fabrics a year”, he changed a hell of a lot of lives because the industry got to work.

It has taken me 3 years to earn another appearance from this industry giant. Our opening industry keynote speaker at our annual conference May 5-7 is Jim Hardy, COO at Fanatics with a talk he calls FANATICS: REDEFINING SPEED & AGILITY.

If I am in this industry and I wanted to ride the wave of near-shoring and short cycle times and quick turns and make money at it, it would NOT miss this talk. It is one of 6 talks and two panels crammed into 3 days half of which is set aside for networking.

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