Fasnap Corp Joins AAPN


Please join us in welcoming Fasnap Corp to the AAPN family.

Fasnap Corp. was founded in 1981 in Elkhart, Indiana with the goal of providing premium quality fastening systems to the automotive, trucking, marine, medical furniture and other industries.

In 2011, Fasnap celebrated 30 years of serving the industrial textile fastener industry. Their products, quality and service have set the standard and made them a leader in the fastener industry.

From testing through production, components are assembled under strict ISO 9001: 2015 guidelines.

You know, this is one of those companies whose knowledge of the medical industry has got to be from an angle we've never had access to before now.

Suppliers like them have accumulated a supply-chain-width of experience in the highly specialized medical field at EXACTLY the time of that industry's greatest need. We welcome them and thank them for plugging into our network.