Fasten your seatbelts and take a look at THIS company……..Elcatex in Honduras


Click here and you’ll find a short but extremely powerful portrait of AAPN member Elcatex in Honduras. The company is the growing realization of a long-term vision by Jesus ‘Chuy’ Canauati who is a graduate of GaTech right here in Atlanta. He has created about as vertical a factory and as broad an enterprise as is possible. One could make the argument that the Honduras2020 project is riding Chuy’s coattails.

There are 18 slides in this presentation and we’ve had the good fortune to visit every facility shown. To me, slide 14 showing the housing was the best experience. While driving thru the housing, a man stopped our car to acknowledge Chuy as the builder of his home and to thank him for the quality of life he and his family now enjoyed. It was very emotional.

Elcatex is one reason we ask you to save the dates Nov 27-29, 2018 to attend the Apparel Summit of the Americas in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. This promises to be the “must go to” event of the year for the entire apparel supply chain….from fiber to store. This attachment alone shows the value the agenda, half of which is set aside for tours and networking.

We have over 200 organizations in AAPN and each has a story just as surprising and intense as this one……….


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