Fiber Innovators International LLC joins AAPN


I was delighted to speak at SYFA's conference in Charlotte several weeks ago. It must have gone well. Margreet Bette of Fiber Innovators was sitting in the audience and just joined. As the saying goes, "80% of success in life comes from just showing up". Thank you for proving that Margreet!

Fiber Innovators works with commercial clients worldwide to fulfill their polyester sewing thread needs. They are the only producer of this material within the United States and have more than 60 years of experience.

Their full range of high quality, low-denier thread, and high-denier yarns are excellent for a broad variety of sewing and embroidery applications. These sewing threads have the high-tensile strength, durability, and conformity of properties you have been looking for. They are also dyeable, which makes them the perfect choice when color uniformity is essential. Their yarns can be used to make the thread for all continuous-filament, core-spun sewing needs as well as for embroidery applications. Depending on your location, Fiber Innovators offers packaging and yarn make-up (cheese, cones, pirn, etc.) flexibility.

Here's their contact information to note down and keep on hand.

Fiber Innovators International LLC
2525 Blacksburg Road
Grover NC 28073

Please join me in welcoming Fiber Innovators to the AAPN family!


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