HBR: 5 Misconceptions About Networking


I’ve been reading the Harvard Business Review for decades. I’ll bet if you were to sit and look back over all of those issues, that every 3 or 4 months, there is a major article about networking. The value is SO obvious – exactly what you are trying to buy is exactly what someone is trying to sell.

People who network are like drunks hanging on a lamppost. They join for support but soon learn the main benefit is …. illumination. They join networks like ours to sell something but learn the main benefit is initial support and then illumination.

We’re all one tweet away from disaster and the AAPN is one email away from giving you support. AAPN is the apparel career’s 911.

As for ‘showing up‘, I moderated a panel at MAGIC on Monday. Tuesday was a down day for us, no events, no appointments. I considered skipping the show but decided to go. Thank goodness I did because THIS is who I ran into and had meaningful and in many cases very important talks with:
AAFA – 2
PVH – 1
Haggar – 4
EFI – 3
SGS – 1
PacSun – 2
Contempora – 2
Sourcing Journal – 1
California Apparel News – 1
Target – 1
Cotton Inc – 2
Unifi – 2
NC State – 1
Vestex – 1
Seams – 2
Made4you – 1
WRAP – 3

Nets work………..our Net works.

5 Misconceptions About Networking
HBR: APRIL 18, 2016

A good network keeps you informed. Teaches you new things. Makes you more innovative. Gives you a sounding board to flesh out your ideas. Helps you get things done when you’re in a hurry. And, much more.

But, for every person who sees the value of maintaining a far-reaching and diverse set of professional connections, many more struggle to overcome innate resistance to, if not distaste for, networking. In my 20 years of teaching about how to build and use networks more effectively, I have found that the biggest barriers people typically face are not a matter of skill but mind-set. Read More


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