Honduras Summit Registration is Closed – Nice Problem to Have!


Wow. We have completely sold out the Nov 27-29 Apparel Summit of the Americas in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. We have reached capacity.

Despite announcing that registration is closed, we have had nearly two dozen executives contact us directly or through their suppliers this week still trying to register. Our contracts with the convention center, hotels, fashion show, buses and other limitations set a formal maximum limit and we reached it early this week.

As one of our Board members wrote us yesterday about this conference, “No other industry organization could ever pull this off, not even in Central America, not a chance. It just shows the value that people see in AAPN and, more importantly, the trust that companies, especially brands and retailers have, that if they spend the money, time and effort to attend our events, the payback is there“.

The purpose of this event is to draw brands, retailers, factories and mills that will benefit from new yarn production in Honduras. Of the 115 organizations who made the cut, 85 of them are AAPN members, virtually a 3:1 ratio.

This will be one of our largest events in my 25 years here, one of the most complex to organize and clearly one of the most important ‘calls to action’ in the history of our industry in the region. In other words, this is going to be big.


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