How AAPN Member Target is Breaking Away From the Pack


We love the last line of this excellent article, ““We’re not trying to be like everyone else,” he told Wall Street analysts. “At Target, we perform best when we’re pursuing our own path, not when we’re chasing someone else.””

The same holds true for the AAPN, we’ve grown in membership and meeting attendance steadily for the last 9 years. When you go back over not just that period, but our last 25 years, you’ll see that we’ve never done anything another industry group was already doing. It is always better to find those small ponds where you can be a big fish.

Speaking of which – the article we sent earlier today on how to better battle China gives you more than just a heads up. Now you have this information. Now you’re prepared if a customer asks you, as one did me yesterday, if production is coming back. But better still, now you have a new weapon with which to attack the market by creating an offer that is “….not trying to be like everyone else“.

We’re on record – the Americas can be faster, easier, better, safer and even cheaper – and we can prove it. I hope that gives you the confidence……to break away from the pack in your niche market.

How Target Is Breaking Away From the Retail Pack
Fortune, May 22, 2019

Retail doldrums? Not at Target.

Target on Wednesday released a set of first-quarter numbers that prove any retailer faltering now has no one to blame but itself. Continuing off the strong momentum of its holiday season, Target said comparable sales rose 4.8% in the quarter ended May 4, fueled in part by a digital sales surge of 42%. That easily beats the flagging numbers posted earlier this week by Kohl’s (down 3.4%), J.C. Penney (-9.45%) (down 5.5%), and even that of Walmart’s strong numbers (a 3.4% increase) reported last week.

How is Target doing it? By remodeling its stores, equipping them for e-commerce and order pick-up, while improving their presentation, and offering customers merchandise they want and can’t get elsewhere, most specifically from its own store brands. The discount chain’s efforts are helping it win market share from its many competitors that have proven unable to capitalize on the best consumer spending environment in years. The gains have not only been online: store visits were up 4.3%, showing Target’s symbiosis between stores and e-commerce where both avenues feed business to each other. Read More 


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