How Honduras is Changing This Hemisphere – and When You Can See for Yourself


One of the most amazing emails I have ever received was sent to me by Jesus Canahuati of Honduras’ Elcatex. It was a copy of Honduras’ vision of industrialization. It was called Honduras2020 which you can visit by clicking on this hotlink.

It was a detailed plan for new infrastructure, ports, education, housing, energy, capacity, production, language and above all else JOBS – hundreds of thousands of jobs!

Still, for many of you, seeing is believing. OK, look at this:


What you see is a synthetic yarn spinning mill being built in Choloma, Honduras, 500,000 square feet of it, at a cost of $73 million. It is called Utexa. Where did that investment come from? It came from AAPN members in different countries working together to build capacity as fast as US brands can commit to source from it. 

That is why we are working on reserving every hotel room in San Pedro Sula, Honduras for the dates November 27-29. While we do not yet have a registration page, put these dates in your calendar now and plan to join over 200 other executives for an amazing agenda and factory tours.

We’re putting every resource we have into what we are calling The Apparel Summit of the Americas. November 27-29. In ink, add this to your calendar now. Registration, agenda, details and all of that will be online soon.


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