How to Follow Up with People After a Conference


Three weeks ago, we hosted a conference of 250 people. 85 of the 115 companies registered were AAPN members. However, most of the people attending from these companies were local. This means we would otherwise never have met them, making the summit more like one of our outbound Regional Conferences. Although Sue and I and our staff of some 40 volunteers were consumed by minutia, we did return with a stack of business cards and we did follow up as this articles argues we all struggle to do after events. GREAT article from the best source.

How to Follow Up with People After a Conference
HBR: DECEMBER 13, 2018

Attending a conference is a whir of activity — flying to a destination, engaging in several days of nonstop networking, and coming home to an inbox that has spiraled out of control in your absence. Back at work, most of us immediately go into catch-up mode; the last thing on your mind is following up with the people you just met. That’s especially true if you’re an introvert and feel overtaxed by the whole process.

But a small amount of focused effort can reap long-term benefits and ensure the arduous days you spent connecting face-to-face weren’t wasted. Here’s a framework for structuring your post-conference follow up to maximize the chances that your new connections turn into meaningful professional relationships.

First, it’s important to set aside “processing time.” The conference has probably left you with business cards scattered in your briefcase, pockets, and travel bag. Unless you transfer them quickly into whatever database system you use, they’re likely to get lost quickly. The system doesn’t much matter; it’s personal preference whether you use a business card app or add them to a spreadsheet manually. Read More 


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