How to Introduce a New Hire; Intern; Child and Others to Our Industry


We recently got a note from an exec member asking us the best way to get a new sales associate of theirs involved with the AAPN so they could build their own network, meet peers and learn from other companies.

Short of sending them to our Annual Conference, we recommend our Regional Conferences. We have had 5 of them spread across Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Our 6th will be in New York City on June 13. You can register here

One of the brands with us two weeks ago on the Carolina Mill Tour was Scott Pinske from Columbia Sportswear. We met Scott in Seattle last year. Our Regional Conferences are becoming their own special events. For example, Tony Anzovino’s daughter Maddie, who now works in our industry, has been to every one of our Regionals!

Our Annual Conference, our Regionals, the Carolinas Tour, our delegations – all serve to do one thing and that is to raise the Apparel IQ of the industry, starting with us in the AAPN.


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