Implications of El Salvador Recognizing China


Last Thursday, I was on the agenda of the FOROTEX 2018 meeting in El Salvador. Another of the speakers, Steve Lamar of the US apparel lobby AAFA, also spoke. Representatives of the Salvadoran government, as well as the US Embassy, attended.

Steve Lamar spoke diplomatically to the recent decision by El Salvador to switch their relationship from Taiwan to China in exchange for investment by China in El Salvador.

I heard much sidebar discussion the most alarming of which was that China would turn a recently built but unused port into a Chinese naval base. If you have an interest in El Salvador and this issue, I hope this post gets you started in researching the issue.

To give you a head start, I include two articles I have found as well as a PDF presentation Steve Lamar’s talk:

El Salvador’s La Unión Port: Foundering in a sea of politics
The US Accuses China of Seeking to Build a “Military Base” in El Salvador Commercial Port


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